Educational Consultation

Right from what interest you carry to interest does market entertain, Knowletive consulting services has got its homework done. Hence we guide you through and throughout to claim your desires. We consult you for which education you could pursue according to your choice, your personality, and market demand. From where to pursue – to – how to apply for placements thereafter, we got you covered.


Before even sending your resume across, you know what skills you master, what skills you are just faking in a resume and what skills will actually serve you in getting the job. So, why not focus on those skills, which will land you a job for sure. Skills and knowledge never come spontaneously. They are acquired with practice and over time. We at knowletive, provide you with training, workshops, and activities organized by experts in the respective domains.


Without being aware and without having ample knowledge, any field that you choose would be just a choice by accident. When the profession that you are going to choose, is going to be your identity for life and your source of earning both – respect and bread, why would you let that be by accident? Hence, the awareness programs and interventions by knowletive consulting.


We at knowletive, believe, skills that you learn and master, are for life long. Your business life and your personal life, both are going to be affected by your skillsets and mindsets. Hence, we strive hard to provide you with the best exposure to the source of knowledge that we could. Young minds with wings of right skills will fly to achieve the highest known glory.


Some skills, few facets of talents can only be revealed with irregular activities. Our sub-conscious is hungry for such extracurriculars. We understand all the essential needs and make sure we meet them all in the best possible way. These extracurricular activities by knowletive, help you meet the version of yourself that even you were unaware of.